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Deep Water


About Jesse and Andrea

Jesse and Andrea are transplants to the south, but don't let that fool you. They both embrace the hospitality and southern charm that embodies the mystique of Lowcountry living. In 2012, after having enough snow to last them several lifetimes, they began a search for somewhere that they could raise their three young boys with adventure, intrigue, and purpose. The search was over when they visited South Carolina. Two years after moving south they were dared by some friends to inquire about Irvin-House Vineyard. The rest, as they say, is history. Jesse and Andrea feel incredibly blessed to steward this property and we hope everyone who has the opportunity to visit us feels the special vibes that drew us here and continue to speak to all who visit our little slice of heaven.

The Vineyard

Jim and Ann Irvin were instrumental in transitioning their retirement dream into our lifelong dream, and we will forever be grateful. Nestled among the majestic live oaks on Charleston's back porch of Wadmalaw Island, this 48-acre winery and vineyard has something for everyone. We are the only domestic winery in Charleston, South Carolina and should be on the top of your list when visiting the Lowcountry.

A local and visitor favorite, we grow and harvest the grapes as well as make and bottle our wines all on site. You'll find us about 30 minutes south of Charleston, on the sleepy island of Wadmalaw. Our vineyard offers plenty of room to roam, many animals to get to know, a garden, a large pond, the winery (of course), and our charming little gift shop. Prepare to spend a few hours, or a full day enjoying a walk through the vines; or take advantage of our affordable and informative wine tastings. Whether you're a large group or intimate couple, the vineyard has plenty of things to do.

While we have a food truck every Saturday and offer cheese, meat, and fruit plates during the week we also encourage families to bring picnics along with blankets and chairs so you can sit back and truly relax. Animals are allowed to visit us as long as they are leashed. We're open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Wine

Deep Water is a name with many meanings, first and foremost you'll hear the term deep water in the Lowcountry as coveted access beyond the pluff mud of the marsh. We also, honestly, as owners of a winery feel a little bit overwhelmed so you could say we're in deep water.

But really, if you pressed Jesse or Andrea, they would say that the name "Deep Water" embodies their view of this short life. That we are not meant to wade in the shallows of the shore, but are meant to dive deep and maybe feel the weight of water over your head and depth of water beneath your feet, but ultimately know you've tried something bigger than yourselves - and, if you're truly fortunate, float satisfactorily on top of the deep for awhile.

The wine itself is one of the only truly native grapes to the US, and we embrace it. Remaining true to our predecessors Southern roots, we grow muscadine grapes, a fruit native to the Southeastern United States. We produce authentic muscadine wine, five different labels from four varieties of grapes. Beyond the muscadine and scuppernong wines we make from our vineyard we also partner with a grower in the Lodi Valley of California to bring in a wide range of varietals that we cannot grow here in the south. Rest assured, whether you enjoy reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, still, sweet, dry, spicy (yep!)...we've got an option for you. We also have an ever-growing selection of meads (honey wine) that allows us to take full advantage of our honeybee hives and the sweet product they bless us with each season.